Saturday, June 19, 2010


i have found a new beer. yes, i have found this beer purely by accident and it was picked solely on looks. yes, I can be superficial. if a bottle is dressed nice, looks lovely and presents itself well, i'm a sucker for it.. i came across this beauty at my favorite liquor store down the street (sidenote: this place no longer cards me, i hope it's because they know my face and NOT because i look over 30..just saying), bittersweet liquors..nice name, i think. anyway, as i was passing the shelves and freezers full of marvelous and, i'm sure, very tasty beverages, i locked eyes with this beauty. the little hiker dude with his walking stick and dog about to embark on some adventure in the mountains won me over immediately. i knew that whatever that bottle possessed inside it would be, in fact, delicious. so i gave it a gamble, spent 7ish bucks and i'm happy to say that i am impressed! this delightful beer is called detour india pale ale from the crooked line made by the uinta brewing company in slc, utah. the crooked line is very new so there is not much info yet on the website, however they do have a long list of uinta beers (only made with 4 ingredients: barley, hops, water, and nice and simple) and they have a few organic beers that i can't wait to try. there's one made with pumpkin and also one made with honey!! should be interesting.

my take on the taste: the beer was only available in a 1 pint and 9.4 oz a little much, but no worries i finished her off. however, at 9.5% it can be a little tough. the taste, at first, was definitely sweet and smooth with a lot of spice and hops with a nice dry finish. out of the india pale ales i've had this would have to be in my top 3. like i said, i was impressed. they recommended drinking it with spicy ethnic foods, which i can imagine would be fabulous. i, unfortunately, drank it with salad..i don't necessarily advise doing that. 1) it's such a flavorful beer and think the flavors would even be better when paired with a spicy dish. and 2) i got drunk, fast.


  1. I agree with Kels. Your beer assessments are great, as are your music picks! can't wait to read more....