Tuesday, August 24, 2010

at least it's not a kid.

lately i have been having dog pangs. yes, dog pangs. not marriage pangs or baby pangs or other pangs that girls my age have. no, i have this strong desire to have a dog. i'm not sure where this came from. as a child, we had farm animals. meaning, we had animals but we never really knew how many or their names and if they were still alive or if they had been hit by a car. so really no emotional attachment to animals/pets existed in my childhood. sad i know. i had many friends who grew up with their favorite pet and did everything with their favorite pet and their favorite pet lived to be like 15 and then they had proper burial services for their favorite pet. i just never understood it. however, lately, i found myself randomly laughing when i see a dog with its head out the window enjoying the breeze or smiling when i pass by one of those cute, ugly dogs that weirdly look like their owner. yes, i think my time has come to become a dog lover.

here are 2 dogs that i saw in foco last weekend. they were too cute. my sister was embarrassed that i took a picture, but i don't care. i am now a dog lover and i will take pictures of things i love, i.e. dogs.

pic #1: this dog stood still for over 30 min just staring and drooling. he was obviously in love.

pic #2: the object of his affection. she was looking the other way and totally uninterested. i found this amusing.


  1. Oh Low... you make me laugh. Love this post.

  2. You can have Addy . . .

    I love this post too. Do you miss your skirt?

  3. no, i actually forgot about it until i saw the pictures on your blog :)