Monday, August 16, 2010

new can be good, but old can be great.

i love finding new music. however, that doesn't mean i want to forget about the past artists who still rock it but are not necessarily "new" and in the spotlight. when i was in college, one of my favorite artists to listen to was matt wertz, and just a few days ago when i was preparing my ipod for my mega road trip to california with my best friend kels, a trip that will live in infamy, is when i was reunited again with matt. he is lovely and i hope you will enjoy some of my favorites from him.

he does have a new album called, 'while we're becoming', but my favorite oldies of his are:

this song, 'faith and compromise' has awesome and inspiring lyrics that really make your heart smile.

and finally, this last song helped me through one of the hardest times in my life; 'lonely tonight' was a blessing in song for me.

may your ears enjoy.


  1. I never even heard of him! and i LOVE him! YES - I'm so glad you're back, my musical life is already more enriched.

  2. he's from mo, fact, he's from liberty. his sister did k-life with me at tsu and he's getting more popular..he started out in the christian music industry.