Sunday, March 28, 2010


welp..for the past few months i have been on a stressful and frustrating mission, a mission to find a job. this summer, i decided to not take classes, meaning i don't get my nice school loan check, which in turn means i will be poor. i already have a delightful part-time job (which pays less than half of what i used to be paid when i was on salary, pre-grad school job) at a ski and snowboard shop. typical grad school job..i anyway, now i get to find another job and work my tush off this summer so i can buy food. yessss...i can't wait till i finally grow up and make money.

on a lighter note, i have planned some fun and exciting trips which will hopefully pan out.

wyoming camping/climbing/fishing trip with some amigos...

going to spend some time back home...i miss bbq...oh and my family and friends...but seriously, i miss bbq like whoa. just saying.

training for my marathon. leadville marathon that is. 7.3.10. right on.


i probably should just skip this one.

random thoughts.

dreams. yikes, my dreams have been absolute craziness. i'm not sure why. for example, i'm on an intramural softball team we were supposed to have a game today..didn't happen, bye week...anywho, i didn't think i was nervous about it, but according to my dream, i guess i apparently am. in my dream, i could not hit, catch, or throw a ball to save my life and i have played softball for like 10 years +!! in my dream, i was literally kicked off my intramural team...i think i cried. it felt so real, i'm actually glad that we didn't have it today.

also, people from my past have been invading my dreams. people have not seen for years!

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  1. You sound a very thoughtful young person!
    This is the old person who lived in Marrakesh and wrote about it.
    I love that you want to travel and have adventures.
    Way to go!