Sunday, November 21, 2010's a word. my spell checker told me so.

so i've failed on that whole posting about the walnut valley festival. i'll get back to that, promise. i just feel like writing about something else right now. the other day i was walking to school, it's like 6 blocks away and i usually bike, but i felt like walking that day. as i was walking i listened to my 'old time faves' playlist on my ipod. this playlist is ridiculously big primarily because i truly do have a lot of old time faves. anyway, i was strolling along to the garden state soundtrack, which i hadn't listened to for quite some time, and in this strolling and listening i had a moment. a moment of reflection on my life and all that i had experienced and been through in my short 25 years. my reflection brought me specifically back to when i was studying abroad in england (sometimes i don't like saying "studying abroad" because it sounds too cliche and cliche annoys me)..but i was studying abroad. as i was saying this moment brought me back to a part of my life that seems so long ago in a very different time, almost like it never happened. crazy how much my life has changed since 2005. my thoughts in this moment also led me to all the choices i have made since then and how it has led me to where i am now. interesting how life can be.

on a not so weird note, which this note i'm about to bring up is actually the whole reason i wrote this post, not the the note above, that was a tangent..this moment of reflection also reminded me of how this soundtrack has really had an effect on my musical tastes. i think 2004-2005 was my musical reformation. so long to the radio and its' mainstream ways. as cheesy as it may sound, if it weren't for this lovely grouping of songs, i would have never come across the likes of the shins, colin hay, iron and wine (not on the soundtrack, but i love it), nick drake (my love and i will have a whole post dedicated to him. soon.), and of course...alexi murdoch.

gosh, such great stuff. my love for it never went away. my heart still pitter patters just a bit.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

the greencards.

this past weekend i went home for my mom's birthday. now, most moms would want to celebrate their birthdays out being wined and dined, getting fancy gifts, and relaxing. not my momma. she wanted to go to a folk and bluegrass festival. the walnut valley festival in winfield, kansas, to be exact. this music festival has been going on for 39 years and have artists from ALL over the world. not just musical artists but clothing designers, photography, metal work, pottery, etc...ALL ART! it was awesome. it was basically a modern day hippy fest. anyway, i had the opportunity to check out some great bluegrass/contemporary folk bands. so, for the next week days i will showcase a new group that i saw out in winfield. the first one's called, the greencards.

the greencards were originally only 2 people, kym warner and carol young, from australia. they moved to austin, tx, capitol of not only texas (duh) but the capitol, no let's call it the mecca for underground artists (i.e. south by southwest...which i'm going to in 2011!)

in their new album, fascination, their ultimate goal was to create music that stays true to the bluegrass roots but at the same time add a little of their own twist on things. check out rivertown (which has a a definite bluegrass roots feel), the avenue (which almost has a eastern european gypsy flair to it), and fascination (which, as i've said before, is one of the songs with their own twist)

i took some video not so much on the songs themselves, but it was more specifically on 2 of the band member's solos.

#1 mandolin magic.

#2 fantastic fiddle.

Monday, September 13, 2010

oscar wilde.

no. this post is not about one of the best poets/playwrights/authors...named oscar wilde. who wouldn't love someone who has said things like, "everything popular is wrong." or my absolute favorite, "to live is the rarest thing in the world. most people exist, that's all." it.

No, no, i'm talking about, what i think is the best song from a group called company of thieves. my friend, weinel, got me going on this little threesome from chi town. now, what i think is their best song, is also their most popular; and it's called, 'oscar wilde', from their album, 'ordinary riches'.

the music video for 'oscar wilde' was made to look like a segment from a fantastic wes anderson film, 'rushmore'...which funny enough, i think one of the best parts of the movie (on this clip the part comes around at patient).

another funny thing numero of oscar wilde's famous quotes started with the words, 'ordinary riches'...i'm wondering if there is a connection here. by golly, i think there is...way to go company of thieves. so witty.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

at least it's not a kid.

lately i have been having dog pangs. yes, dog pangs. not marriage pangs or baby pangs or other pangs that girls my age have. no, i have this strong desire to have a dog. i'm not sure where this came from. as a child, we had farm animals. meaning, we had animals but we never really knew how many or their names and if they were still alive or if they had been hit by a car. so really no emotional attachment to animals/pets existed in my childhood. sad i know. i had many friends who grew up with their favorite pet and did everything with their favorite pet and their favorite pet lived to be like 15 and then they had proper burial services for their favorite pet. i just never understood it. however, lately, i found myself randomly laughing when i see a dog with its head out the window enjoying the breeze or smiling when i pass by one of those cute, ugly dogs that weirdly look like their owner. yes, i think my time has come to become a dog lover.

here are 2 dogs that i saw in foco last weekend. they were too cute. my sister was embarrassed that i took a picture, but i don't care. i am now a dog lover and i will take pictures of things i love, i.e. dogs.

pic #1: this dog stood still for over 30 min just staring and drooling. he was obviously in love.

pic #2: the object of his affection. she was looking the other way and totally uninterested. i found this amusing.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

god willin' and the creek don't rise.

read this article and you will know why he is probably my soul mate, just saying.

enjoy a little ray and let me know what you think.

Monday, August 16, 2010

new can be good, but old can be great.

i love finding new music. however, that doesn't mean i want to forget about the past artists who still rock it but are not necessarily "new" and in the spotlight. when i was in college, one of my favorite artists to listen to was matt wertz, and just a few days ago when i was preparing my ipod for my mega road trip to california with my best friend kels, a trip that will live in infamy, is when i was reunited again with matt. he is lovely and i hope you will enjoy some of my favorites from him.

he does have a new album called, 'while we're becoming', but my favorite oldies of his are:

this song, 'faith and compromise' has awesome and inspiring lyrics that really make your heart smile.

and finally, this last song helped me through one of the hardest times in my life; 'lonely tonight' was a blessing in song for me.

may your ears enjoy.

Saturday, August 7, 2010


i suck at blogs.

let's see what i have followed through with on this blog thingy.

-starting up my beer tour de world again and sharing the different tastes of awesome brews from around the globe. fail.

-writing about new music once a week, finding rad new groups that rock. fail.

-writing on this blog thingy at all. fail.

hmmm...let's see now...that's 3 fails and 0 succeeds. yep. i suck at this.

sorry, i have had no motivation. however folks, i feel a 2nd wind emerging and i'm not talking about my, no, motivation for blogging is what i feel. and it, my friends, is coming on strong. after california next week, i will be back in action writing about things; things that probably don't really matter to society but they matter to me, so yah..i'll be back.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


this is by far my favorite jane austen novel. i love this story. and if you like to watch and not read (although you should definitely read it..) you will like this bbc version, they did an excellent job. i watch this often. this is part 1, there are many parts, but you can watch the whole movie just click the next part in order listed on the sidebar. enjoy a true classic.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

ha ha tonka.

they are from west plains/springfield, mo! i was instantly in love. no time to write much about them at the moment..i have some fireworks to watch. i just didn't want to forget to share their wonderfulness.

this is from the their 'buckle in the bible belt' album.

they have a new album called 'novel sounds of a nouveau south'...creative names, i think :)

tour dates:

denver, co 8.27.10 @ meadowlark 830 pm

lawrence, ks 8.28.10 @ replay lounge 10 pm

Friday, July 2, 2010

a new feat.

if my love for certain things were to be described in mathematical terms:

beer < music < traveling the world

and since i've devoted a whole blog to beer and music you can probably imagine that traveling holds a special place in my heart. i had the opportunity to study abroad in college and yes, i know it's cliche to say this, but it seriously was one of the best experiences in my life. not only did it open my eyes to different cultures and different people, but it also gave me the travel bug. since my return, i've been patiently waiting to escape to far away places again and explore. being in grad school at this time, kind of puts a damper on any immediate travel plans. however, for now, i'm happy traveling around the u.s. soon though, very soon, i will be making some international expeditions. i have a long list of places to explore in my lifetime...

anyway, where was i going with this? ah, yes, my new feat. i've decided to try a new beer from as many countries in the world as i possibly can that are available in my small town of colorado. i think i shall call it 'around the world', like the basketball game. although, it's not really anything like bball, hmmm...i guess i'll name it after the book 'around the world in 80 days' (yes, that makes much more sense) later, i will also have a showcase of rocky mountain brews. they do make some good stuff out here..aside from coors (bleh..) i have a new beer buddy at my favorite beer store, dan, i think was his name, who has tried pretty much everything..seriously everything! he knows his stuff.

this new feat should be a fun one and has actually already small problem though. i found this belgium golden ale that was spiced. however, not only did it blow up in my face and all over my kitchen (because i accidentally shook it before opening it, whoops..) which gave me only like 1/2 of this biggin', it ALSO made me really drunk and before i could document this tasty treat (from what i remember), i passed out... if it weren't for the bottle i still have, i wouldn't have remembered its name. it was like a drunken one-night stand.

so, i'm starting over. tomorrow. be ready.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

band of horses.

right now, this band would have to be my absolute favorite. i actually came across them while using my favorite internet radio friend pandora, about 2 years ago (sidenote: grooveshark actually rocks my world more now..). if you haven't used pandora, which i'm assuming everyone has unless you're my grams and do not own a computer, use it..for real, use it right now. you'll find some amazing stuff.

anyway, band of horses...

they just came out with 'infinite arms' and are actually on tour as we speak (or type).

i'm going to be visiting the fillmore in d-town on september 29 to listen to these boys. and back home, you kcmo folk, don't hesitate to make an appearance at the blue note in columbia, mo on july 14...soon, very soon people.

to get you prepped, check out: laredo and nw apt. (as well as the others..those 2 are just my personal favorites.)

and if you really end up digging these seattle/carolina's boys look up their old stuff which as of now is all i've really been listening to.

'cease to begin' album (2007): is there a ghost & no one's gonna love you

'everything all the time' album (2006): the great salt lake & the funeral

my favorite at the moment from 'cease to begin' album: the general specific

favorite word count: 4..

i need a new word.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


i have found a new beer. yes, i have found this beer purely by accident and it was picked solely on looks. yes, I can be superficial. if a bottle is dressed nice, looks lovely and presents itself well, i'm a sucker for it.. i came across this beauty at my favorite liquor store down the street (sidenote: this place no longer cards me, i hope it's because they know my face and NOT because i look over 30..just saying), bittersweet liquors..nice name, i think. anyway, as i was passing the shelves and freezers full of marvelous and, i'm sure, very tasty beverages, i locked eyes with this beauty. the little hiker dude with his walking stick and dog about to embark on some adventure in the mountains won me over immediately. i knew that whatever that bottle possessed inside it would be, in fact, delicious. so i gave it a gamble, spent 7ish bucks and i'm happy to say that i am impressed! this delightful beer is called detour india pale ale from the crooked line made by the uinta brewing company in slc, utah. the crooked line is very new so there is not much info yet on the website, however they do have a long list of uinta beers (only made with 4 ingredients: barley, hops, water, and nice and simple) and they have a few organic beers that i can't wait to try. there's one made with pumpkin and also one made with honey!! should be interesting.

my take on the taste: the beer was only available in a 1 pint and 9.4 oz a little much, but no worries i finished her off. however, at 9.5% it can be a little tough. the taste, at first, was definitely sweet and smooth with a lot of spice and hops with a nice dry finish. out of the india pale ales i've had this would have to be in my top 3. like i said, i was impressed. they recommended drinking it with spicy ethnic foods, which i can imagine would be fabulous. i, unfortunately, drank it with salad..i don't necessarily advise doing that. 1) it's such a flavorful beer and think the flavors would even be better when paired with a spicy dish. and 2) i got drunk, fast.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

love him always.

ray lamontagne - carry me (album - one lonesome saddle)

this is my absolute favorite from his "One Lonesome Saddle" album. he has a couple albums that you can't get on itunes (suck)..thank goodness for youtube..i guess.

other self-released albums that are hard to come by:

green- this album is actually my favorite by far. be sure to listen to "write you a letter", "lead me on", 'i go all to pieces", and "so long away". superb stuff right there.

one lonesome saddle- this album is fantastic as well. there are 2 different versions that exist. listen to "down to the river" (my favorite on here), "shuckin the corn", and "crazy dreamers".

acre of land- great album, some of these songs are on 'one lonesome saddle' too. listen to "back on the mountain", "change your mind" and "big boned woman" (hehe, so fun).

lastly...there is one song of his that i truly love and it is not on an album. i've checked and checked, notta. it's called "i won't be around" and it definitely makes the heart feel.

he will at red rocks august 30th!! yesss.

Monday, June 7, 2010

the autumn film

the autumn film- because we are

i thoroughly enjoy them. next show is in denver at the bluebird theater 7/2/10, 8:30 pm...good thing for me :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

new stuff.

so. my posts probably give it away, but i absolutely love finding new music. this is going to be a new goal for me: find a new artist/band each week and write about them. also. my posts do not give this away, but i love alcoholic beverages, more importantly beer. second new goal for me: find a new beer/wine/etc. and write about it. ahhh, feels nice to have a purpose with this blog thing.

Friday, May 21, 2010

you can't plan passion.

from time to time people get sidetracked with crap in their life. me, being easily distracted, experiences this "sidetraction" (sp?) too often. 1)colorado was my place of choice for the excellent grad program; because i want to work with at- risk youth and health/sport/fitness/outdoor/etc. education. 2)colorado also boasts quite the amount of outdoor activities and adventures, which is what i love and love to do. 3)colorado is probably not where i will be ending up (i just have a feeling). as of now, these are the only 3 things i know for sure in my life and it's extremely hard to look past colorado, which is terrifying. i'm a planner. i enjoy making plans; particularly 5 year ones. i've always had a 5 year plan, scratch that; i've always had SEVERAL 5 year plans (i like to keep my options open). i have no 5 year plan at the moment and it scares me. i have ideas and mini goals of what i would like to do and possible places where i would like to be, but i've been "sidetracked" and i keep getting "sidetracked" and i lose my focus of why i'm here.

however, this might be a blessing in disguise. a friend of mine recently told me that 5 year plans are total bullocks. i didn't agree at first, but after she told me her story and her past life plans and how life never turns out the way you exactly plan and to just "go with it"...i started to think about this theory with my own life and realized, "you know, i think she's right. plans are nonsense." i have not followed one of my many 5 year plans "to the t", yet.

what was the point of me writing this? i'm not exactly sure anymore. all i know is that according to my 5 year plan 5 years ago, i shouldn't be in colorado. but i am now and i wouldn't have it any other way. if i wouldn't have listened to my gut instinct and followed what i truly desired, i wouldn't have been as happy as i am at this moment. there is a reason i'm here and a reason i decided to do what i'm doing and i'm glad i'm doing it. even though, i get "sidetracked" quite a bit, freak out, and think "what the hell am i doing with my life? maybe i shouldn't be here, this isn't the safe path in life.."; i have to remember that when i think about it deep down, this is really what i want to be doing. who knows what will happen in the future or where i'll be, but what does it really matter, as long as i'm doing what i'm passionate about, loving people along the way, allowing myself to "just be", and enjoying life. this is my passion. this is me. and i'm content.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

new roommate?

soooooo....some possibly exciting news...this little lady ^^^ (above..not me) might be moving to colorado this august to live with me!! i'm super pumped, i hope she says yes.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Don't let your mind get weary and confused
Your will be still, don't try
Don't let your heart get heavy child
Inside you there's a strength that lies

Don't let your soul get lonely child
It's only time, it will go by
Don't look for love in faces, places
It's in you, that's where you'll find kindness

Be here now, here now
Be here now, here now

Don't lose your faith in me
And I will try not to lose faith in you
Don't put your trust in walls
'Cause walls will only crush you when they fall

Be here now, here now
Be here now, here now

Friday, April 2, 2010

thanks mom.


thanks mom for giving me that necessary push so i could be born 25 years ago.

wow. so 25, the number i'm not liking so much, but that's ok because i have much to accomplish this year. i know that resolutions are made on january 1st for the upcoming year but i don't do the usual anyway, so why start now?

resolutions for my year of 25:

1) i want to run a marathon. running was my sport as a child/teen/young adult...i miss it. plus, these are my peak years for endurance sports, i need to make the best out of it.

2) start playing my fiddle. i've played the violin since i was 6...i miss it as well.

3) meditation. my aunt bought me a "meditation for beginners" cd a few years back. i've used it maybe 3x since. i can really tell the difference after, i just feel more relaxed and less chaotic...i need less chaos.

4) ride my bike. this is for many reasons (selling my car, exercise, save money, be eco-friendly..)

5) talk to my family and friends more. and when i say talk, i mean literally talk..formal communication not texting or emails. i'm bad at this.

well those are a few that i'm starting with because i can't think of anymore off the top of my head.



random thoughts.

sheesh. lots of thoughts on this day...

i don' t feel old per se...older that's for sure. it just makes me realize that time is passing by, fast, and i'm not a fan. being older does have its' advantages, i wouldn't be living in colorado on my own if i was still 17. although, at times, i do miss the good old days when life was, without a doubt, much...simpler. ahhhh, good times.

Sunday, March 28, 2010


welp..for the past few months i have been on a stressful and frustrating mission, a mission to find a job. this summer, i decided to not take classes, meaning i don't get my nice school loan check, which in turn means i will be poor. i already have a delightful part-time job (which pays less than half of what i used to be paid when i was on salary, pre-grad school job) at a ski and snowboard shop. typical grad school job..i anyway, now i get to find another job and work my tush off this summer so i can buy food. yessss...i can't wait till i finally grow up and make money.

on a lighter note, i have planned some fun and exciting trips which will hopefully pan out.

wyoming camping/climbing/fishing trip with some amigos...

going to spend some time back home...i miss bbq...oh and my family and friends...but seriously, i miss bbq like whoa. just saying.

training for my marathon. leadville marathon that is. 7.3.10. right on.


i probably should just skip this one.

random thoughts.

dreams. yikes, my dreams have been absolute craziness. i'm not sure why. for example, i'm on an intramural softball team we were supposed to have a game today..didn't happen, bye week...anywho, i didn't think i was nervous about it, but according to my dream, i guess i apparently am. in my dream, i could not hit, catch, or throw a ball to save my life and i have played softball for like 10 years +!! in my dream, i was literally kicked off my intramural team...i think i cried. it felt so real, i'm actually glad that we didn't have it today.

also, people from my past have been invading my dreams. people have not seen for years!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

well hello me.

so i'm here. i finally switched over to this blog site, i feel kind of like a traitor. i've done the whole xanga thing years ago, that was fun, and now i just moved on to another blog site again, one that seriously sucked by the way, i won't mention the name...but it started with a word and ended with press...just saying. i've moved on to greener pastures and it feels delightful.