Tuesday, June 8, 2010

love him always.

ray lamontagne - carry me (album - one lonesome saddle)

this is my absolute favorite from his "One Lonesome Saddle" album. he has a couple albums that you can't get on itunes (suck)..thank goodness for youtube..i guess.

other self-released albums that are hard to come by:

green- this album is actually my favorite by far. be sure to listen to "write you a letter", "lead me on", 'i go all to pieces", and "so long away". superb stuff right there.

one lonesome saddle- this album is fantastic as well. there are 2 different versions that exist. listen to "down to the river" (my favorite on here), "shuckin the corn", and "crazy dreamers".

acre of land- great album, some of these songs are on 'one lonesome saddle' too. listen to "back on the mountain", "change your mind" and "big boned woman" (hehe, so fun).

lastly...there is one song of his that i truly love and it is not on an album. i've checked and checked, notta. it's called "i won't be around" and it definitely makes the heart feel.

he will at red rocks august 30th!! yesss.

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