Sunday, May 20, 2012


Welp, I've recently moved...Again. It seems as though I am in constant search of the perfect place to live these past few years. Always thinking the next place will be better or more my style. Oddly enough, the one place I never thought I would call home is in fact turning out to be just that, my home. Provo. Provo...hmmm, when you say it or think about it, most people automatically think, "ooohhh Mormon country..". I, myself, used to think that as well. Like it was someplace where I was going to be labeled an outsider because I was non lds and everyone and his brother would be on a mission to convert me. Everyone warned me..but it was funny, those who warned me about it had actually never even been to Utah before. It's so interesting how one's pre conceived  notions about something immediately makes them an expert. Anywho, back to Provo...i'm glad to say all those notions are wrong. Yes, there are many lds members here. Yes, it is a very conservative community. But I have yet to feel out of place or attacked for being different. In fact, mormons are probably one of the nicest groups of people I've met. And you know, I kinda like the old school vibe I get here. People take life slower here, they appreciate the people and things around them.  And yes, it's not that bad to have everything closed on Sundays. Alright, i'm done. Take home message: take your pre conceived notions and ideas and toss them out the window. Life can be great with an open mind.

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