Sunday, November 21, 2010's a word. my spell checker told me so.

so i've failed on that whole posting about the walnut valley festival. i'll get back to that, promise. i just feel like writing about something else right now. the other day i was walking to school, it's like 6 blocks away and i usually bike, but i felt like walking that day. as i was walking i listened to my 'old time faves' playlist on my ipod. this playlist is ridiculously big primarily because i truly do have a lot of old time faves. anyway, i was strolling along to the garden state soundtrack, which i hadn't listened to for quite some time, and in this strolling and listening i had a moment. a moment of reflection on my life and all that i had experienced and been through in my short 25 years. my reflection brought me specifically back to when i was studying abroad in england (sometimes i don't like saying "studying abroad" because it sounds too cliche and cliche annoys me)..but i was studying abroad. as i was saying this moment brought me back to a part of my life that seems so long ago in a very different time, almost like it never happened. crazy how much my life has changed since 2005. my thoughts in this moment also led me to all the choices i have made since then and how it has led me to where i am now. interesting how life can be.

on a not so weird note, which this note i'm about to bring up is actually the whole reason i wrote this post, not the the note above, that was a tangent..this moment of reflection also reminded me of how this soundtrack has really had an effect on my musical tastes. i think 2004-2005 was my musical reformation. so long to the radio and its' mainstream ways. as cheesy as it may sound, if it weren't for this lovely grouping of songs, i would have never come across the likes of the shins, colin hay, iron and wine (not on the soundtrack, but i love it), nick drake (my love and i will have a whole post dedicated to him. soon.), and of course...alexi murdoch.

gosh, such great stuff. my love for it never went away. my heart still pitter patters just a bit.

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  1. I too was a bit transformed after listening to the Garden State Soundtrack.

    I still get the chills when I hear Frou Frou's "Let Go."

    'Love the way music impacts life.