Saturday, September 25, 2010

the greencards.

this past weekend i went home for my mom's birthday. now, most moms would want to celebrate their birthdays out being wined and dined, getting fancy gifts, and relaxing. not my momma. she wanted to go to a folk and bluegrass festival. the walnut valley festival in winfield, kansas, to be exact. this music festival has been going on for 39 years and have artists from ALL over the world. not just musical artists but clothing designers, photography, metal work, pottery, etc...ALL ART! it was awesome. it was basically a modern day hippy fest. anyway, i had the opportunity to check out some great bluegrass/contemporary folk bands. so, for the next week days i will showcase a new group that i saw out in winfield. the first one's called, the greencards.

the greencards were originally only 2 people, kym warner and carol young, from australia. they moved to austin, tx, capitol of not only texas (duh) but the capitol, no let's call it the mecca for underground artists (i.e. south by southwest...which i'm going to in 2011!)

in their new album, fascination, their ultimate goal was to create music that stays true to the bluegrass roots but at the same time add a little of their own twist on things. check out rivertown (which has a a definite bluegrass roots feel), the avenue (which almost has a eastern european gypsy flair to it), and fascination (which, as i've said before, is one of the songs with their own twist)

i took some video not so much on the songs themselves, but it was more specifically on 2 of the band member's solos.

#1 mandolin magic.

#2 fantastic fiddle.

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