Friday, July 2, 2010

a new feat.

if my love for certain things were to be described in mathematical terms:

beer < music < traveling the world

and since i've devoted a whole blog to beer and music you can probably imagine that traveling holds a special place in my heart. i had the opportunity to study abroad in college and yes, i know it's cliche to say this, but it seriously was one of the best experiences in my life. not only did it open my eyes to different cultures and different people, but it also gave me the travel bug. since my return, i've been patiently waiting to escape to far away places again and explore. being in grad school at this time, kind of puts a damper on any immediate travel plans. however, for now, i'm happy traveling around the u.s. soon though, very soon, i will be making some international expeditions. i have a long list of places to explore in my lifetime...

anyway, where was i going with this? ah, yes, my new feat. i've decided to try a new beer from as many countries in the world as i possibly can that are available in my small town of colorado. i think i shall call it 'around the world', like the basketball game. although, it's not really anything like bball, hmmm...i guess i'll name it after the book 'around the world in 80 days' (yes, that makes much more sense) later, i will also have a showcase of rocky mountain brews. they do make some good stuff out here..aside from coors (bleh..) i have a new beer buddy at my favorite beer store, dan, i think was his name, who has tried pretty much everything..seriously everything! he knows his stuff.

this new feat should be a fun one and has actually already small problem though. i found this belgium golden ale that was spiced. however, not only did it blow up in my face and all over my kitchen (because i accidentally shook it before opening it, whoops..) which gave me only like 1/2 of this biggin', it ALSO made me really drunk and before i could document this tasty treat (from what i remember), i passed out... if it weren't for the bottle i still have, i wouldn't have remembered its name. it was like a drunken one-night stand.

so, i'm starting over. tomorrow. be ready.

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    And I just laughed aloud. Really loud. Addy is glaring at me. She's just jealous she can't read.